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...eating out
Eating out in London can be an expensive undertaking. Don't let it discourage
you - below we've listed some of the cheaper restaurants/cafes we think are
great value for money. We've also stated which are the nearest campuses to
make your decision-making that much easier.
One of the friendlist cafes on Borough High St, it's frequented
regularly by folks working nearby, including many researchers
from Guy's campus. The food is delicious (give the morroccan
chicken a try!)

(If you tell them you're a student, they might let you eat in at
no extra charge)
Slug and Lettuce
It looks imposing and expensive, but don't let that fool you,
the prices are reasonable and the sofas are pretty damn

(Monday specials: half-price off all food items on menu.
Borough Market
Prices are pretty steep in this rather upmarket, fashionable
yet misleadingly humble-looking farmer's market. Great for
organic and novelty food items. Once in a while, you can be
forgiven for treating yourself - the food here is incredible!
Monmouth Coffee
Probably the best coffee in the area (in our humble
opinion), you can find Monmouth beside Borough market.
The coffee is not cheap...but it's so worth it.
Misato, located very near to Leicester square, has gained a
reputation for providing huge portions of Japanese food at
relatively low prices. It's definitely a place worth considering if
you're really hungry...but be prepared to wait for ages in the
queue, you're not the only one who knows this secret
La Troia
A bit more formal, this Turkish restaurant's prices are a bit
higher than your student budget will regularly allow. However,
the food is great and the ambience of the interior will thrill you.
Try the Iskander, it's phenomenal.

(Their sheesha is also great at 10 a pipe with outdoor
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