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All the information posted here is an accumulation of years of experience of
living as a student in London, mostly provided by your committee. We try to
give you personal information that you won't find in the official guides and cold
information packs you're usually inundated with on arriving here. We hope
you'll find this useful, but if you're still unsure of something, why not post a
question on our forum and we'll try and answer you as best we can. Also (this
has to be said) this information cannot replace official sources, we can't take
responsibility for it, and we advice you to look stuff up on our information
section...or google it!
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University is an exciting time. It is a time to be free, to explore life, to experience
a different culture and to grow as an individual. It has its ups and downs but
overall forms an era that will inevitably affect who you are and what you see
and do in the future. It is the stepping stone to your future (and this is not just in
the academic sense). It may be the first time you are responsible for your own
learning, you might be really far away from home, you'll probably miss your
friends or family. Just sink your teeth into university life and don't look back!
Welcome to King's!
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