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The International Student Network (ISN) is aimed at connecting international students to
offer information and a supportive presence for a wide range of issues and activities. Our
core aim is to provide a service to KCL international students. Because we want to provide
a service that is accessible to all students, membership to ISN is free. We organise social
events, signpost information, as well as provide the framework within which a healthy
discussion about student affairs can take place between our members. We also act as a
platform from which views or opinions can be expressed and from which students can
enter into closer dialogue with the student union and college administration.

By collaborating with other student groups and services at KCL we seek to achieve a more
efficient and dynamic means of enriching the social dimension to student life. Joining with
other student societies in various projects also allows us to gently introduce the
international student population into a larger body of differing cultures, ideas and
interests. We recognise the dangers of cultural isolation and the need for integration
between international and local students. ISN facilitates this integration by welcoming all
KCL students to its functions, and by encouraging social interaction between its varieties of
members of different backgrounds in a nurturing, supportive way. In this way we
anticipate that ISN will also promote social integration within the international community

We have found through our own experiences as international students and through talking
to our peers that there is a great need for the resource of information in first-time visitors
to London. Many new students here feel lost and confused and those that do not have the
benefit of a mentor during this time will often waste precious months simply trying to
settle in and come to terms with the status quo. ISN will provide an initial point-of-contact
for these students. Information on student life being as it is useful to many groups, others
such as prospective students to KCL, current home students and those working at KCL
might find this resource equally valuable.

ISN is unique in that it is the only society that brings together the entire body of
international students at KCL and speaks for them. There are already many small
international student groups at KCL based around regional or cultural background. ISN
will support these groups if necessary e.g. if their member-base is too small for continued
existence, and may in this way provide a life-line to a wide array of other societies. We feel
that there is much potential to enhance the overall experience of student life at KCL. Our
vision is for the International Student Network to produce a large and lasting imprint on
the face of KCL student life and to serve the student community in their multifarious needs
and desires experienced at university.

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